Monatsarchiv: November 2020

Actual Lease Agreement Definition

Certain types of leases may have specific clauses prescribed by law, depending on the lease and/or jurisdiction in which the contract was signed or the residence of the parties. A cancelled lease (UK: identifiable/resilient lease) is a lease agreement that can only be terminated by the taker or the lessor without penalty (formally established)….
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Aadhar Card Address Change Documents Rent Agreement

– The rental contract is only with sub-registrar stamp On the acceptable Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal, you can easily update your address online using one of the documents that is treated as a valid form of proof of address by UIDAI. A valid proof of address is your rental agreement. Documents required for…
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5 Year Non Compete Agreement

After the end of the defendant`s employment, the applicant requested the execution of an alleged non-competition agreement. The applicant did not present the contract itself to the Tribunal, but offered a „summary“ which the respondent did not contest. After this summary, the defendant agreed „not to do similar business or to carry out any…
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