Advocacy Agreement Template

3. Memorandum of Understanding (PROTOCOLE OF ACCORD, MOU): Partnership Agreement for Community CooperationThe Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) deals with partnership management policies. It describes the roles and responsibilities of each partner, including obligations to share information and confidentiality of individuals, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, court partners, medical partners, faith-based organizations and the community, as well as a privacy monitor. All partners sign to recognize the agreement. Download this Privacy and Privacy Policy Model for Community Collaborations In EnglishLadense This Privacy and Privacy Model for Community Collaborations in Spanish 2nd Ownership Form of Partnership Equipment AgreementsThis form aims to ensure that all agencies have entered into clear agreements as part of a partnership with legal policies or obligations to preserve the confidentiality of customer data and data that define the ownership of their paper files, hard drives or other devices containing confidential data. 4. Safeguarding paper and electronic information for Co-Located Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocacy Programs and PartnersThis proposal contains detailed guidelines that should address individual agencies and innovative partnerships to safeguard all electronic, paper and fax sets and information, including computers, electronic networks and passwords. Download the „Limited Version of Information“ model in English 2. Sharing form templates and information instructions for interest groups The „Instructions for Advocates“ document must be read by supporters before using the publication of information with survivors. This document is an educational tool that guides supporters in the process of working with survivors and can help them assess the risks and benefits if your agency transmits their personal data to another person or agency.

The „Information Sharing“ form is available below in a one-sided format and a large print format. This form allows the survivor to indicate the personal identifying information that your program needs to share, how you want to share it, with whom and for how long. (Be sure to insert the name of your program or agency into the document wherever [program/agency name] is highlighted in grey.) 6. Privacy, Data Protection and VAWA 2005 for Community Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocacy ProgramsThe model policy contains sections dealing with general principles; A written agreement to preserve confidentiality; definitions, including information about confidentiality and personal identification; a ban on passing information to people outside the Agency (for example. B accommodation address, staff and survivor information); Disclosure protocols exceptions to confidentiality, including mandatory reporting.