Traduction Aircraft Charter Agreement

9. Identification: The customer is responsible for understanding and informing all other passengers for whom the customer has been able to arrange transport, that he must present at least one form of valid status/state identity cards for domestic airline flights before boarding the aircraft. The customer and other passengers must provide the carrier with a valid passport for all international flights (including Canada and Mexico) and visas, if necessary. JetsetPrivate Air is not responsible for the company`s proper refusal to allow passengers to board the aircraft who do not present adequate identification. The Baltic Air Charter Association („BACA“) has developed the attached draft model contract as a guide for its members and others, with respect to frequently used contractual clauses, which are involved in agreements that may cover the transactions they carry out. The attached project model is developed only as an indication and as an example and is not exhaustive or final, as all transactions are different. BACA does not provide any assurance or assurance as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its content and BACA disclaims any responsibility for the people who can count on it. People who wish to use this project should seek their own legal advice. The intermediary encourages the airline (as defined below) to make the aircraft available to the charterer in accordance with the schedule below, and the charterer flies from the intermediary on charter to the terms set out in the following list and in the terms and conditions attached to this agreement and participate. (For the exclusive use of passenger aircraft – between charterers and brokers as intermediaries) 1. By using the services provided by JetsetPrivate Air as an agent for the customer, the Customer agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The client acknowledges and accepts that the sale of air transport, including aircraft charter operations and aircraft brokerage operations, are governed by certain national, international, governmental and local laws and regulations and that these laws, regulations and practices may change from time to time in the industry, and JetsetPrivate Air therefore has the right to amend the agreement at any time by written notification to the customer, and these changes to this agreement take effect immediately when JetSetPrivate Air communicates to these customers. By implementing this agreement, the Client undertakes to regularly review this agreement and to be aware of such changes to this Agreement.

As a result, the customer`s continued use of JetsetPrivate Air services is considered a conclusive acceptance of the customer`s changes to this agreement. Payment: Payment for each charter flight is due after the customer confirms a specific itinerary and price offer; Payments must be received by JetsetPrivate Air in order to enter into a charter agreement with Carrier on behalf of the customer, as JetsetPrivate Air cannot guarantee the availability of the agreed aircraft until after the airline`s payment. At JetsetPrivate Air`s discretion, credit cards may be accepted for the payment of fees and such fee payments. Additional payment terms can be agreed and accepted by JetsetPrivate Air and Le Client, which are indicated in the charter offer for each specific flight. 4. Operation: The carrier and the captain of the aircraft are authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure safety.