Van Kam Collective Agreement

Renewal contract: Valid from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2024. Signed on January 15, 2019. Medical services: the employer pays 100% of the premiums for the National Service Plan. Coverage begins after 90 calendar days. Meal allowance: $7 for drivers of a person residing in B.C. for trips of more than 10 hours. Well-maintained fleet – Van Kam has on-site truck and commercial mechanics trailers. Burnaby, B.C. (355 truckers) and Teamsters, Locals 31, 213 Safety Shoes: The employer provides high quality safety boots to maintenance shop employees once a year if necessary.

These are union benefits, including the extension of medicine, dentistry and pensions. . Consequent growth – consistent working time, opportunities, consistent work all year round. No slowing down. In the coming months, Van Kam will launch a safe mileage program on the market. Celebrate successive milestones of secure miles. Safety first! Editor`s Note: Medical examinations: The employer reimburses the worker for the cost of the physical examination for drivers who have completed one or more years of employment and who must pass a state physical or medical examination for the driver`s licence. Wait time: 8 hours of waiting for each 20-hour period for all waiting times for loading or unloading, waiting for equipment to be repaired, waiting for road evacuation, waiting at inflection points for a person`s operation where there are facilities and public conditions available (restaurants, cafes, motels) so that the driver does not have to stay in the equipment safely and possible. Layovers: After 24 hours of stopover, the employer pays $5 per hour for each hour until the employee is invited to the owner operator for the return (California). We don`t usually discuss it or put it in our ads, because it`s a city or highway job.

Pay rates are set in the EU collective agreement. Overtime: paid by the hour and half-time and double. Can be bankrupted in overtime leave, maximum 5 days. The deadline must be used until March 31 without a cash payment being authorized. City Pick-up and delivery driver and port (Van Kam employee hired before January 1, 2019) Bereavement leave: 4 days for the death of his spouse, child. 3 days for death in the immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, stepmother, stepfather, stepson, daughter-in-law). Seniority – recall rights: 12 months before the start; 18 months after 5 years of service. Urban work is a day or night job.

Highway work is night work. Uniforms and clothing: If safety equipment is required, such as earplugs, breathing apparatus, hardhats, vests, the employer will ensure that all terminals are properly equipped.