Wcu Articulation Agreement

In addition to the comprehensive articulation agreement and uniform articulation agreement that are part of our university transfer program, Blue Ridge Community College has negotiated additional transfer agreements to help students with their career goals. For more information on the transfer agreements listed below, please contact your faculty advisor. West Coast University does not have articulation agreements. What is an articulation agreement? A articulation agreement is a document that creates a pathway between two or more institutions or universities and their university programs. They are intended to facilitate the transfer from one institution to another through program guides or guaranteed admissions to a university or university. Disclaimer: The status of these agreements may be changed without notice. Students should contact the chancellery to ask questions about the agreements. For any WCU request, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. West Coast University (WCU) recognizes that the American Career College (ACC) courses in this agreement are equivalent to the corresponding WCU courses and are therefore transferable to parallel WCU licensing programs. CCA students who move to the WCU must meet all admission transfer credits and programmatic requirements. For more information on the transfer contracts listed below, please contact your academic advisor.

WCU has articulation agreements with many local colleges and community centers, which allows you to transfer credits and earn a four-year degree. Articulation agreements define comparable or acceptable courses at the university or university where students pass. Formal articulation agreements guarantee students that certain courses are taught and that they can meet the requirements of general training and/or the lower department or optional subjects at the transfer university. The Complete Articulation Agreement (CAA) allows graduates of North Carolina Community College to move to constituent institutions at the University of North Carolina with a two-year junior status associated with arts and sciences. At WCU, we have a long history of working with community schools and universities to smooth the way for your transfer to university. In cooperation, we have concluded a large number of agreements to register and be on the way to conclusion.