Chemgota is a federalist libertarian republic, constitutional democracy. We have managed to remain a stable union of federalism, libertarian, republican and democratic traditions. As stated in the Chemgota Constitution, the nation is shared by four major democratic ideologies that aspire together, but another democratic government, which is not indicated, can be elected. The nation shares the power shared between its states of uniformity and for its people, who can propose and vote for the decisions in which the nation can be brought, such is the theory of popular views that has sucked Chemgota to a stronger nation, which it is today. The Senate of Parliament is divided between the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives, both of which share equal power, but the House of Representatives is higher after World War II, much of the country has been abandoned. However, the Soviet Union found strategic use in the region and found more expensive minerals when they were sold. The USSR took advantage of this by righting countless mining towns in the region, attracting more people, fleeing east to find jobs and having the opportunity to find precious minerals to gain wealth for themselves, a small gold rush occurred in the 1960s and more citizens finally entered a new life that was new to them. But when more people entered, it became a problem for the local popularity that settled in the area. Some time later, the region became unpopular because of its climate and lack of food or transportation and much more, which fundamentally failed the citizens. There were jobs, but without pay, because The Russian governments in the region are very limited by the landscape and time. Lack of food was a problem in the 1980s, when a famine occurred in the area, it became so hard that locals caught, hunted and fished for everything that was available to consume. In the absence of adequate modernization, cities like Magadan have not made progress in construction. Something had to be done against this situation, many demonstrations in Moscow demanded the support of the Dalstroy region, but these were rejected outright by the higher levels.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, there was support for an independent Dalstroy and for a possible return of the Tungus Republic. But these demands led to the repression of the media to never bring it to Moscow, the disappointment of the failure of the independence of the supporters of the pro-independence Party Dalstroy led to its collapse in 1996, the territory remained calm in fact, it lost the population of thousands a year to migrate to Moscow, the center of the Russian Federation. This has led to comparing the low-quality cities and the worst of the republics of the Russian Federations than the others, after all, people have had enough. And began a revolution in 2032, after a politician named Igor Elmpt began to gain popularity for his speeches and his audacity to launch against the Russian government. He published a book called „Revolution to Evolution.“ This was also banned by the Russian government, but illegal copies were produced and quickly disseminated in the area, most people decided to collect with Igor Elmpt in Magadan Park. Chemgota has five states: Magadan (MD), Kamtchitka (KC), Chukotka (CK), Ostyabouce (EY) and Nord-Chabarovsk (NK) The five states are the main administrative bodies of the country.