Zelle User Service Agreement

To easily find this privacy statement, we make it available on the home page zellepay.com and on the Mobile Cell app. You can also call 844.212.9102 (Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm ET, except New Year`s Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas) to request a copy by U.S. email. You understand that your financial institution can become a network financial institution at any time during the duration of the service agreement and that you have the option to continue as a user in the mobile cell application and/or use the service via the website or mobile application of the network financial institute. Subject to the terms of an agreement between the cell and your financial institution, the cell will provide you with information and other instructions regarding further access to the mobile cellular application and cell service, as well as registration instructions with your financial institution. b. clearXchange does not provide a deposit account or other financial services. clearXchange neither transfers, movements nor initiated the transfer or movement of money. You can`t create a financial account with clearXchange of any kind, and your consent to be a user refers to your registration of an email address or mobile phone number as a profile identifier in the network directory and your permission for clearXchange to share your personal data (including your bank account number that is provided clearXchange) with our network banks for the purpose of resolving fund transfers between you and banking network customers. Our service for you as a user is available to you at all times under the terms of this service agreement. You must have a U.S. current account or savings account to be a user, and your financial institution must authorize electronic transfers to that account.

If you sign up to use the network directory and service, or to set up a profile on clearXchange.com (the „website“), to access your profile on the Site, or to allow others to use or access the Service, you agree to the terms of this service contract. You declare that you are at least 18 years old, you are authorized to authorize credits in the registered bank account and you agree that you will not use the service for illegal purposes. Subject to applicable law, we may amend or modify this service agreement from time to time (including all service charges) by publishing the Updated Terms on the Site, at our sole discretion. Please consult regularly and read this service agreement.